Monday, August 4, 2014

Three Dawg Walk

I think the thought of the impending school year caused Mommy to lose it this morning!  She was trying to take just me for a warm-up walk (that's what she calls it when she takes me around the block once; honestly, I can't handle much more than that in my old age).  My sisters had other thoughts.  When one of us is about to go for a walk, Mommy tries to corral the chosen one in the laundry room alone and leave the other two in the kitchen.  Dixie and Jenna just wouldn't cooperate this morning, at least not at the same time!  I tried to tell Mommy she should just send them to their crates, but she didn't listen.  (Those lucky dawgs have hardly been in their crates this summer except for bedtime.)    The excitement over the possibility of  a walk was growing, so Mommy threw caution to the wind and took ALL OF US!!!!   [gulp]

I must admit it went better than expected.  The only other time Mommy tried to take all of us was right after Jenna came to live with us.  It was one big tangled mess of leashes and legs (Mommy's included).  Apparently the key to a semi-successful walk with the three of us is different lengths on the leashes (and a pinch collar or two to keep the girls in line).  I started out strong and in the lead with Dixie a few feet behind and Jenna walking with Mommy.  Eventually our order changed as I started to slow down.  Mommy allowed Dixie to take the lead, followed by Jenna, and then me pulling up the rear.  Literally, by the time we got back I was walking behind Mommy!  I'm sure the neighbors thought Mommy was NUTS!  I did too, but I was polite and refrained from telling her.

In just the mile around the neighborhood and back, we had some interesting adventures.  Mommy dropped Jenna's leash twice and had to hop and skip to step on it and stop her.  Thankfully Jenna didn't realize her moments of freedom or she would have been all over.  At one point Dixie was feeling the power of being the lead dawg and kept turning around to nip and growl at Jenna.  Dixie and I had synchronized calls of nature which allowed Mommy to make one pick up.  I'm not sure if this was good or bad; it still ended up in a muddle of leashes.  We also somehow managed to wrap ourselves around a mailbox going in three different directions (is that even possible??).  Mommy says she takes the blame for that one; she should have seen it coming and taken us in the opposite direction.  

Once we returned, we were all worn out.  Actually, that's not true.  I think Jenna wanted to get even with Dixie for nipping at her, so Jenna decided to run hog wild around the yard chasing Dixie!  Then we were all worn out.  Sort of.  Mommy fed the three of us breakfast.  She was planning to help herself to a fairly old brown banana, but left it on the counter to keep Dixie from jumping in and eating my breakfast (yes, I even eat slow in my old age).  You know where this is going, right . . . which dawg is not accounted for in this part of the story . . . next thing you know, Mommy saw Jenna's head pop up over the counter and that banana was GONE, peel and ALL!!!!!  [GULP]  We literally heard Jenna make that noise!

Will she never learn??  (You can interpret that "she" however you wish!)  I know how Daddy will take it!

Until our next adventure,

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