Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bubble Mania

Our Mommy LOVES bubbles!!  Because she loves them, she believes we should love them too.  I'll admit, there are days when we do like to chase bubbles, but there are days when we could easily ignore them!  Mommy recently purchased a new bubble toy for us (her) to play with.  I guess we can't complain too much because she forced Daddy to play too and he's a grown man!  Mommy and Daddy had a blast playing with the bubbles; we gave it mixed reviews.  That part about Daddy is true.  He had more fun than Mommy.  I think that's because he was better at using the new contraption than she was!

As you can see, our parents had a bit more fun than we did!  Mommy did best with the small bubble wand, and Daddy wouldn't stop until he had perfected the giant bubble wand.  You have to admit, the giant bubbles are pretty cool!  We chased a few bubbles, ate a few bubbles, and watched a bunch go flying by!

Here's to more bubble fun for Mommy and Daddy!

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