Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Much Fun!

Mommy had to return to work Thursday.  [sigh]  She did luck up with a one-hour delay, but it's not the same as being home with us all day!  We had SNOW much fun on Wednesday.  Even if the temperature was only in the single digits!  Mommy bundled up in her best winter wear and took us out to play.  I wonder where my winter wear is?  Hunter says it's all over the house!  (I do tend to shed more than the others for some reason . . . )  Maybe he's just jealous of my full-length black fur coat?  Yes, I know he has a yummy chocolate one of his very own, but it's not as beautiful in his old age as it once was.

We took tons of pictures (no surprise there) on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.  If you look closely, you can see evidence of how Mommy spent her day off on Monday.  She has straight hair in these pics!  Don't worry, it's only until she washes it!  As soon as the water hits, those curls bounce back with a vengeance!  I'm surprised you can't see it curling up in all that snow!

She loves to take a good selfie with us.  Hunter was the only one of us who would slow down long enough to pose with her this week!  He loves to give her kisses!  (Technically I'm in one of these, but it's only because I want her to throw a toy for me!)

The snow really piled up on Tuesday night at the front door.  When Mommy opened the door, it spilled in on the hardwood floors. She should have known better, but just couldn't resist taking a peek.  Thankfully, Dixie was willing to be the clean up crew!  Mommy tried so hard during the last snow to capture the snow piled up in the mullions of the door before it melted.  The sun and camera angle just kept defeating her.  Apparently the trick is to wait until dark!

Hunter, Dixie and I really played hard in the snow.  We fought over our new "flying squirrel" constantly.  We actually had all three toys (exactly alike) outside, but we kept losing two of them and were forced to share.  Ugh!  This is not a skill in which I excel!

I stupidly took a white stuffed toy out in the snow Tuesday afternoon.  When Mommy threw it for me, it became caught up in a small tree.  Being the gentleman he is, Hunter retrieved it for me!  Mommy finally confiscated it from me before I lost it in the snow.

With the temperature remaining fairly low, we will probably have a few more days of fun in the snow!  After school hours, of course.  I can't wait!

Until the next snow . . . maybe this weekend???

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