Friday, January 31, 2014

What a Workout!

January brings lots of New Year's resolutions for many people.  Because most people don't keep their own resolutions, Mommy has her students write resolutions for other people in their lives.  For example, I would tell Hunter he must refrain from barking at the tiniest noise; it can become really annoying!  And Dixie needs to "man-up," not be so nervous, and go for it no matter what IT is!  I mean really Dixie, it's okay if you jump on top of me; after all, I jump on you all the time!

Mommy's resolution is to get in better shape this year.  She's hoping that since her thyroid seems to be under control (so far), she can accomplish her goal.  She's trying to be more diligent with her workouts and  I recently tried to help her!  She was attempting to follow a body toning workout step-by-step in a magazine.   I'm sure my assistance was very helpful.  What do you think?

Here's to keeping your resolve in 2014!

PS: Please don't think that just because I'm helping her means Mommy is actually keeping her resolve . . . some days she does; some days she doesn't!  [sigh]  Not everyone can be pawfect like me!

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