Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clean Up Crew

I have realized the holidays are a wonderful time of the year!!!  It's too bad they're over and life has to return to normal around here.  The best part of the holidays for me was all of the EXTRA DELICIOUS FOOD!!!  I'm talking fudge (wasn't allowed to have any), chocolate covered pretzels (nope, none of that either), pecan brittle (score!), gingerbread house trimmings (score again!), and extra dawg treats too!  Santa Paws lived up to his end of our deal and brought me exactly what I asked for: FOOD!  I've been feasting for two weeks.  Part of my feast was thanks in part to a tiny little visitor we had . . .

Mr. A's presence made all of our lives wonderful.  He brought food with him that we normally do not have in the house: goldfish crackers, Cheerios, bologna, and more.  Even better was that he tends to drop some of that food and he's on our level!  It was great to sit nearby as he ate a meal or a snack.

I was sort of jealous of Hunter (and that never happens) because Hunter was truly on Mr. A's level.  Hunter could sit or stand at the dining room table and be right at Mr. A's tiny hands (not to mention the rest of the delicious looking plates up there).

I had to stand and stretch a bit to have that same advantage.  

Meal time was even better once Mr. A got up from the table and we could lick out his booster seat.  I never knew heaven would come in a small plastic chair!  We were a great clean up crew.

Aunt Kelly doesn't believe Mommy is feeding us enough.  Her mantra for the week was, "Feed Your Dawgs!"  Mommy told her we ate exactly what the vet suggested (which isn't nearly enough in my humble opinion).  Dixie and I were at the vet's office a couple days before Christmas and had gained a couple pounds since our last visit.  Dixie is forcing me to tell you that she weighed two tenths of a pound less than I did!  How humiliating!  Oh well, the diet has begun as the new year gets underway . . .

If you're in need of a fantastic clean up crew, you know who to call.

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