Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Bark for HELP!!

I've been in this family for three and a half years.  They love me and take great care of me.  I have a handsome big brother who looks out for me.  I have a sister with whom I can play and run around nonstop.  Despite all of the advantages that come with being a part of this family, there is one part I do NOT like.

I DO NOT like it when my toys get too close to Hunter! 

He doesn't sit or lie near my toys on purpose.  Usually I am playing by myself or with Jenna and the ball just simply gets away from me.  It rolls close to Hunter's paws, or legs, or face, or back, or belly, and I just freeze!  I cannot take one step closer to retrieving that ball.  It kills me to admit my fear.  I know deep down he won't hurt me, but he is SO BIG!!!!  

My only option is to bark for help!  If I bark nonstop then one of two things will happen.  Either Mommy will yell at me to pick up my toy (she knows this particular bark even when she isn't in the same room) or Hunter will finally grow tired of my barking and move to be away from me.  I'm not proud of this behavior, but what choice do I have?

If you've had a similar experience, please feel free to write to me with advice.  Until then, I'll be barking my head off!

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