Friday, January 3, 2014


So far the new year  is off to a GREAT start for Mommy!!!!  She went to work for one day (grumpy about it, but she did it), and the very next day she had a SNOW DAY!  You should have seen her do the happy dance when she received the phone call the night before!

She did what most people would do if given a chance: she slept in . . . until 6:30!  I know that doesn't seem like sleeping in, but it's an hour and a half later than she usually wakes up.  She took advantage of her extra day to take down the Christmas decorations.  Well, everything inside.  Those swags and ribbons on the lamp post, mailbox, fence gates, and front door will have to wait until the big thaw.  Don't worry, we'll blend right in with the rest of the Yankees!  By 7:30 this morning, she had all of the ornaments off the Christmas tree and scattered across the kitchen table.  As she started slowly removing all signs of Christmas, she also started doing some serious cleaning.  Boy, was our house dirty!

The only thing left at the end of the day was a very dry tree waiting for Daddy to haul it outside.   Actually, the lights were still on the tree.  Mommy didn't want a large dark green thing sitting in the middle of the room if Daddy wasn't willing to take it outside in the negative wind chill when he arrived home (after all, some people still have to work even when it snows).  So she left the lights on it just in case . . . they'll be removed when Daddy is ready to move the tree!

Mommy did celebrate her snow day by staying in her pajamas all day!  The only time she put something else on was to take us outside to play.  At that point, she bundled up like we were back in Minnesota: ski bibs, heaviest Columbia jacket (with the lining in it), scarf, headband to cover the ears, big gloves, and muck boots.  She was only cold when she took off one glove to take pictures of us.  We had a great time!  For me, it brought back great memories of my home state.  I LOVE SNOW!!!

I think Dixie and Jenna had a good time too!  

Dixie insisted on playing with a tennis ball even though it disappeared into the snow every time it dropped.  

Jenna and I preferred our frisbees.  I had to remind Dixie at one point that I was still the boss around here 
by winning our tug-of-war for the frisbee!

Mommy tried and tried to get a similar snow face picture of me, 
but I didn't feel like cooperating and Mommy's hand was about to freeze!

I hope you will be blessed (or cursed in Daddy's opinion as he cranked up the snow blower this morning) with some snow days of your own!  Although Mommy has already had two this winter, she is always hoping for more!  Me too!

Happy Winter,

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