Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Girls Morning In

This past weekend we had company at our house.  Uncle Jeff and his friend Andy visited so they could go hunting with Daddy.  It was late nights of man talk and early mornings of coffee and goose decoys.  Mommy said there was a LOT of testosterone in the house!

Once the men (minus Hunter) left the house each morning, we girls had a PAWJAMA PARTY!!  We all snuggled into the bed with Mommy to catch up on our beauty sleep.  Mommy keeps an extra sheet on top of the bed just for these occasions.  We were able to catch a couple more hours of sleep before Mommy's day had to begin.  Hunter joined us too, but he didn't snuggle in bed with us.  He was content to lie on the floor next to the bed and keep a watch out for any guys that might want to crash our party.  Very nice of him since he's a guy too!

Girls love pawjama parties, but I guess this wasn't a typical pawjama party.  Mommy tells me when she was young, she used to love having friends over to spend the night.  It was a night of eating pizza, baking cookies, watching movies, telling stories, and lots of laughing.  Our pajama party unfortunately did not include pizza and cookies (much to Jenna's disappointment).

Instead it entailed curling up on either side of Mommy and making a "Mommy Sandwich."  That's what Hunter called it.  Jenna took one side, and I took the other.  Hunter tells me he used to create Mommy Sandwiches all the time when he was younger.  He would snuggle up on one side of Mommy, and Daddy would take the other.  She said she could hardly move!  I personally think we actually made a "Mommy Oreo."  Jenna and I were the dark cookie halves and Mommy was the white filling.   We made one sweet cookie!

Hoping you can enjoy your very own Pawjama Party soon!

Paws Script:  Please excuse the cell phone pics; the "real" camera was with Daddy in the field!

Double Paws Script: Sending a bark out to our adopted Aunt Gwen for the inspiration for this post!

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