Monday, January 6, 2014

Our New Girl

There's a new girl in town!  Well, she was in town for about four days.  She's gone now, but we can't wait until she comes to visit again!  Our human cousin, Miss C, is the best thing since sliced bread!

Hunter says that when she first visited three or four years ago that she was a tiny bit intimidated by him.  He was so big and she was so small.  She used to insist that she be carried from one piece of furniture or counter top to another!  She also did NOT like being kissed on the mouth by him.  But as he knows, with age comes wisdom!

Now that Miss C is the ripe old age of seven (that's forty-nine in dawg years), she LOVES us dawgs!  She allowed us to lick and kiss on her any time we wanted.  Aunt Kelly wasn't as thrilled by all of this loving, but thankfully Miss C ignored the pleas of her mom and let the licking continue!  She also liked snuggling up to us.  We snuggled on the sofa, on the bed, on the floor.  Miss C was super helpful to Mommy by paying attention to when we needed to go out and potty or just to play.  She also allowed us to sneak an extra treat (or five) when she and Mommy were building a gingerbread house.

Now that she's gone home, it's quiet around these parts without her.  Hopefully she'll be back soon.  I'm pretty sure she likes me best, but don't tell the others.  We'll keep it just between us!

Love to Miss C (who also loves reading our blog),
Dixie Doodle

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