Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Our Lists . . . Hunter

Mommy said we could each write to Santa Paws this year instead of having to share a list.  Since I am the oldest and wisest, I get to go first!  I figure mine has the best chance of reaching Santa, so if he doesn't receive the others' letters, at least my wishes will come true!

First, I would like a new blanket.  I love to suck on my blankets (yes, that's weird, but don't hold it against me!) and the ones I have are becoming a bit worn.  It doesn't help that Dixie tries to put her claim on my blanket when it's outside.  It also doesn't help that Jenna thinks when Mommy throws the blanket for me, that she is supposed to snatch it away from me.

Second, I would like to have a box full of tissues.  Yes, the kind you humans blow your nose upon.  I know that's gross.  I could have asked for a whole box of snotty tissues, but that might be asking for too much.  I love to eat tissues and a whole box to myself that I don't have to share with my sisters would be heaven!

Third, I would like to have an elevator installed in the house.  I'm doing okay going up and down the steps, but we all know I'm not getting any younger.  Besides, I could take the elevator straight to the basement floor.  I've never been down there in eight years of living in this house!  Jenna tells me about all of her adventures down there; I want to see for myself!  Surely there can't really be that many spider webs in one room!

Fourth, I want Mommy to wake up on Christmas morning with a third arm.  I've asked for this gift more than once, but it hasn't happened yet.  What's a dawg gotta do to earn this special treat?  Mommy just can't love on all three of us at the same time with her two arms.  I tend to be left out of the group hug simply because I'm not as pushy as my sisters are.  With a third arm, she could love on us equally.

Santa, I hope I'm not asking for too much.  A few edible treats and toys would be good to round out the list.  Safe travels for you and your reindeer.


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