Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let it Melt!

Don't tell Mommy, but I am secretly hoping this white stuff will melt soon!  We received another two inches Saturday afternoon and then freezing rain on top of that.  I do LOVE the snow, but it's causing some sibling rivalry that I could do without.  If it would just melt, I think my problems would be solved.

When Mommy throws the tennis ball, I WATCH to see where it is going to land.  Dixie does NOT!  Instead, she looks around dumbfounded (dumb being the operative word) when the ball disappears into the snow.  I do a pretty good job of locating the ball when it is swallowed up by the snow.  Dixie just walks around in circles and becomes totally frustrated.  When I find my tennis ball, she can't stand it.  So she does the sisterly thing and proceeds to snatch it right out of my mouth!  How rude!

To solve this issue, Mommy began throwing the frisbee to me.  It doesn't sink into the snow, and as long as Dixie has two tennis balls in her mouth, she couldn't care less about which toy I'm using.  Although our frisbee has seen better days, it still sails pretty far into the air.  I am great at catching it in mid-air!  I think it makes Dixie jealous.  She can catch the frisbee too, but she usually won't let go of the tennis balls long enough!

Melted snow would make life easier for Hunter too.  Although he loves to go outside and eat it all day long, it makes walking difficult for him sometimes.

"Is it just me, or does this look awkward?  Oh well, at least I have my blanket out here."

So for now, my holiday theme song is, "Let it Melt, Let it Melt, Let it Melt!"

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