Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Card: Behind the Scenes

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet?  Most normal people have not, or they are just now considering their options.  It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that Mommy already has ours!  She began working on them even before Halloween!  She's such a nerd, isn't she??  Please don't hate her; it's just part of her personality.  I really don't think she can control it!  (And she had a really great coupon.)

I thought you might like to see the torture she put me through all for the sake of the card.  She planned to use pictures of each of us from last year's Christmas torture, I mean photo session.  She was pleased with her choice of photos of Hunter and Jenna, but Daddy said the ones of me made me look scared.  I can't imagine why.  The pictures Mommy planned to use of Hunter and Jenna featured lots of Christmas lights with the decorated tree as a back drop.  The problem with having the perfect shot of me was that we don't usually have a Christmas tree in the house before Halloween.  What?  You don't either??  Mommy looked at Daddy with a crazed look in her eyes as an idea occurred to her and he just shook his head.  I should have run for my crate.

Mommy proceeded to head to the basement where she pulled out a strand of Christmas lights.  She seriously considered putting up a small artificial lighted tree for the background, but thankfully a moment of sanity prevailed.  It was temporary, but still . . .

Daddy captured this moment on his camera phone for all the world to see how much Mommy tortures, I mean loves me.  I'll admit she only pestered me for about twenty minutes before she finally decided she had a decent shot.  I guess I should be thankful she was willing to capture a better looking me.  I wouldn't want the recipients of our Christmas card to see me looking less than my best.

I guess if the truth were known, I would gladly suffer through another photo session just because I love Mommy. However, my real problem with all of this is . . .


Going insane,

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  1. Oh Dixie,
    I totally feel your pain. Mommy and Daddy's friends were in town this weekend and stayed at our house. We tried to have a photo session of the 3 of us Saturday night. I was the perfect pup. I looked at the camera and smiled. I was sooo good. Daddy was the bad one. He wouldn't smile. Maybe Mommy should have offered him a treat or a tennis ball. Mommy was kind of upset with him. She finally decided she had a "good enough" photo. When she loaded them on the computer she decided they weren't very good after all. Mommy decided Monday to put up our Christmas tree. Gwen and I sat in the chair and supervised while Mommy put up the tree. After Gwen left Mommy kinda went crazy torturing me with the camera. She took lots of pictures of me. There is a really cute one of me laying on the floor in front of the tree. She decided that one was perfect for our Christmas card. Be watching for it in your mail box next week. I don't really care to have my picture taken but if it makes my Mommy happy I guess it's the least I can do for her.
    If I don't make it back to the computer before Christmas I hope Santa Paws brings you lots of tennis balls in your stocking.


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