Saturday, December 14, 2013

In the Dawg House

I know it's going to be hard for you to believe this, but Jenna recently found herself in the dawg house with Daddy.  I guess technically, she was in the dawg house without Daddy.  He says he realizes who really loves him and it must not be her!  It's ME!!!  I have moved back into the position of favorite girl.  Yippee!  I must admit I am surprised at how easy it was to regain favor with Daddy.

Our parents left us behind recently as they traveled yet again without us (there is seriously something wrong with that idea!!).  Mommy rescued us upon their return and we each took our place in the car.  I sat up front with Mommy and was a great girl.  I LOVE to go for a ride and look out the window.  There is so much to see.  Jenna took her spot in the middle and Hunter remained in the third row.  We each apparently have our own spot, but mine is the best.

Upon our arrival at the house, Hunter and I ran to greet Daddy where he was waiting for us on the sofa.  Jenna did not!  We were all shocked that she didn't go love on him the way she usually does.  We're really not sure why she didn't (only she can say and she's not talking), but she held back for at least thirty minutes.  Daddy was seriously disappointed in "his" girl!  I was THRILLED!  I was all over him like white on rice.  We had our very own love fest and Jenna wasn't around to interrupt.

Where was Jenna you ask?  Curled up in her favorite spot that she obviously missed while at the kennel: right between Mommy's and Daddy's pillows!

Number One Girl (for now),

PS: I was also the first to hear Daddy's return from a business trip late last night!  Bonus points to me!

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