Saturday, December 21, 2013

Making Our Lists . . . Dixie

Dear Santa Paws,

I really have only one item on my list and I bet you can guess it already . . . TENNIS BALLS!!!  I received a few last year from you and Aunt Kelly gave me an entire bag (HEAVEN!!), but they are almost all gone by now.  Tennis balls don't last as long as you'd think they do!  They can tear up, start losing their yellow fuzz, get a hole in them, fly over the fence into another yard, and just simply disappear!

You don't even have to leave anything for me under the tree.  Just fill up my stocking with tennis balls and I'll be good to go for another year!  Daddy says tennis balls are like crack-cocaine to me, but I disagree.  When was the last time you heard about someone overdosing on tennis balls?  That's right, NEVER!  Of course, if you ever do hear that headline on the news, it will probably be about me!  What a way to go!  [sigh]

Thank you, Santa, in advance for LOTS of tennis balls!

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