Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Praise for the Yard Guys

Mommy and Daddy are so thankful they have a few new people in their lives:  THE YARD GUYS!   

Last year was the first year Mommy and Daddy paid someone to put the mulch out.  They used to hate paying someone to do work they can do themselves.  Last year, Mommy's tendonitis was so bad she knew there was no way she could help Daddy spread the mulch.  Along came a flyer in the driveway for a lawn service just starting out.  Mommy called and the price to mulch was about the same as what they used to pay just for the mulch!  Hot dawg!!  Mommy clearly remembers the day they came last year.  She arrived home to find that the men had weeded, edged, and mulched. The yard looked FABULOUS!

Enjoying the fruits of the yard guys' labors!

This year when our teenage yard guy had to quit, Mommy knew who to call.  The mulch people are now cutting the grass for the same price as the teenager!  She also had them come back for this year's mulching.  And it was even better than last year!  Mommy has been really sick lately and hasn't been able to go out and weed.  She's been so embarrassed by her plant beds.  She and Daddy planted twenty azaleas last year and the weeds were taller than the plants.  It looked AWFUL! 

Never fear, the lawn guys were here!  This year they weeded, edged, mulched, and even trimmed the shrubs!!!!   The only down side to this situation is that we aren't allowed to go outside when they're here.  The men keep the gates open, and our parents know at least one of us would make a break for it (I can't imagine who they might be thinking about).
Enjoying the shade

Mommy felt so guilty about all of the work the men were doing for her that she was inspired to paint the deck furniture that same day.  She usually does that each summer, but since we had no visitors last year she let it go.  We will definitely be having company this summer, so now we are one step closer to being ready for them (two steps if you count the yard work).
Somebody's been spray painting!  Don't worry, it will be gone with the next grass cutting.

Grass is YUMMY!!!
So thankful for the hard-working hands of others,



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