Friday, June 14, 2013

Rain Interlude

Yippee!  The rain stopped for about a day!  Then it picked up again right where it left off.  That meant we could actually go outside and play instead of taking our chances with the plant stand in the upstairs hallway.  Mommy has enjoyed having all of this rain for one very important reason:  she doesn't have to lug the watering hose around when it rains!  As a result of the rain, her plants are looking good!

The geraniums on the deck look terrific.  The only thing wrong with this plant is that it sits fairly close to the door and we hit the blooms with our tails.  The red petals fall off, get wet, and then we track red marks into the house!
The blueberries aren't ripe yet, but I'm taking bets on who can eat them first: me or the birds?  Daddy planted a THIRD plant this year.  He thinks the other two aren't producing, but he just isn't fast enough!
The vegetables on the deck are growing pretty well.  Mommy did kill a couple jalapeno plants and a plum tomato before the rains came.  These green peppers are right on track for the summer.
I give my personal seal of approval to the grape tomatoes. 
They are a long way from producing anything edible, but I can't wait!
Mommy is excited about the color of her hydrangeas.  They are going to be gorgeous! 
If only she could perfect the art of drying the blooms . . . it's so easy, but she just can't quite get it!
So far, the biggest question of the summer is will the climbing hydrangea finally bloom this year?  Mommy has read it takes a while for it to bloom, but it was here long before me.  It keeps spreading and spreading . . .

I hope you haven't washed away in the rain.  Keep your head above water!

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