Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is is Still Raining?

It is apparently monsoon season here.  We've had just over six inches of rain in the past few days.  Do you like the rain?  I like it, but I hear that some dawgs don't.  Mommy said the lunch table conversation at work has been about the joys of taking your dawgs out in the rain.  It is more of a chore than a joy for most.  I must be different from most other dawgs.  I hardly even notice the rain.  The rain is just another excuse for me to roll around on the ground.  I don't even like for Mommy to dry me off when I come inside.  I can't say the same for my siblings . . . 

Dixie is a little shy when it comes to the rain.  It goes all the way back to her puppy days when she was learning to ring the bell to go o-u-t.  One really rainy evening, she rang, and rang, and rang the bell, but refused to go out in the water and finally pottied right there on the door mat! Mommy wasn't happy, but she also felt sorry for Dixie.  Thankfully, Dixie doesn't potty indoors any longer (that was a one time occurrence), but she still isn't crazy about heading outdoors either.  She also loves for Mommy to towel dry her when she comes back inside. 

Hunter has a love-hate relationship with water.  He LOVES to swim, but isn't that crazy about the rain.  When he was a puppy, Mommy used to have to put on her raincoat and trek outside with him.  His man card is saved only by the fact that she never had to hold the umbrella over his head (apparently this is pretty common among Mommy's co-workers).  He doesn't mind going out in the rain when he really has to, but as he's gotten older, he has become a wee bit afraid of thunderstorms (there goes that man card).  He woke Mommy up early one morning recently with his heavy, stressed out panting.  Mommy thought he had to go potty at first, but she soon realized he just needed his thunder coat.  I won't give you my opinion on his thunder coat except to say he looks like a sausage bursting out of its casing when Mommy wraps it tight around his body.  Not a pretty picture!

I hope I continue to be water proof!  Until the rain ends . . .

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