Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paint Life Grand?

As school has ended and Mommy has regained some of her energy (coincidence?), she has been busy working in the house.  Some people might think Mommy just lies around eating bonbons all summer long, but she doesn't.  She is usually awake by seven at the absolute latest and is generally busy working on her super long summer to-do list.  This is sleeping in for her since she is awake two hours earlier on a school day!

Mommy recently completed a long awaited task: painting the trim around the new front door.  She's been avoiding this task since Easter.  I'm amazed her OCD didn't kick in before now.  The trim that was placed around the interior of the new door was already primed white.  I think that little detail helped Mommy avoid the inevitable for as long as she did.  If Mommy had seen natural wood every time she walked past the door, I'm sure her OCD would have kicked in sooner. 

So on day two of her summer vacation, she brought out the paint.  Jenna and Dixie decided to help out.  After taking the lid off the paint can, Mommy thought she should place it in the powder room high up on the vanity to prevent the girls from making a mess.  When she returned to the paint, what did she find?  This won't come as a surprise to you, but for some reason it surprised Mommy: Jenna was testing out the taste of paint straight from the can!  Good grief!  Is there nothing sacred in the "food" category???

Dixie wasn't that helpful.  She just walked around with a tennis ball in her mouth.  No surprise there.  Once Jenna had had enough painting for one morning, she decided to relax . . . can you spot her?  Please don't tell Daddy.  I'm supposed to be looking out for his rug, especially since Mommy isn't!

If you look carefully, you can see Mommy's paint pants.  She loves these pants.  They chronicle over ten years of painting in three different houses.  For the first two houses my parents lived in, they would always find out they were moving just about the time Mommy finished painting the last room.  Thankfully that hasn't happened here!  Some years these pants fit better than others.  She could probably wear them to a revival of the Eighties with their paint splatters and rip in the knee!  She also likes to bring out the drop cloths.  These go way back into Mommy's past.  There are so many paint drops from previous houses, including Poppa and Grandma's house.  If you were here, you could see a time when Mommy thought her childhood room should be Carolina blue!  Not a decorating mistake she would repeat although she still loves the color and the team!  Wasn't that nice of her parents to allow her to do that?  Mommy's parents are the best!  (Besides mine, of course!)

I used to help Mommy with the painting.  Please bear with these next few photos.  They were taken B.D. (Before Digital) and are pictures of pictures from the scrapbook.  Here I am zonked out beneath the ladder.  I was less than a year old. 

I also helped with the messy clean up after the painting (what to do with all that tape?).  Someone needs to invent recyclable painter's tape.  Mommy is good, but she still requires the use of tape to help her out! (I look a little black here, don't you think?)

And the installation of a new deck.  This picture doubles as a magic trick known as The Disappearing Dawg!

Jenna and Dixie will grow used to Mommy's to-do list one day (I hope).  Home maintenance is old hat to me now.  Off to more projects!


  1. Too much work for me...... I would like to play patty cake (that's what Mom calls it) on the bear rug sometime...

    Cousin Shadow

  2. Seriously Shadow! You work all day to groom yourself and you think painting every once in a while is work??? That's why cats are different from us dawgs!!!


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