Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where's Grandaddy?

Dixie: Where's Grandaddy?

Jenna: Who's Grandaddy?

Dixie: You know him. He was here in April. Right after Mommy and Daddy brought YOU home. I'm amazed I can remember his last visit because I was still so traumatized by your arrival.

Hunter: I always remember Grandaddy. He is the one who taught me how to go up and down the stairs in our Minnesota house. He gave me CHEESE for encouragement.  He also fed me BACON from the table!  Mommy just about killed him!  I had no idea what table scraps were until that moment.  I had only been with Mommy and Daddy for a week at the time, and I was already learning bad manners.  Ahhh . . . those were the good 'ole days!

Dixie: He gave you CHEESE and BACON?  I don't think he's ever given me any food.

Jenna: Food?  What food?

Hunter: He probably hasn't given you any food because Mommy threatened him with his life.  She came close to carrying out her threat a few years ago. 

Jenna: Not my Mommy!  She is such a sweetie.

Hunter: You know that rubber tire you two like to play with up and down the hallway?  Mommy was trying to throw that for me one evening while Grandaddy and Mimi were visiting.  Poor Mommy.  She really can't throw.  She sailed that tire up into the air, over the deck umbrella, and right down onto Grandaddy's head!  Mommy just about died from embarrassment and horror!  Grandaddy has NOT forgotten this unfortunate incident. 

Jenna:  Mommy did THAT?  I'm sure she didn't mean to.

Dixie: Never mind the tire.  Where's Grandaddy?  I thought he was in town, but I haven't seen him.

Hunter: He was in town, but he's gone now.  He was here for a business meeting and had dinner with Mommy and Daddy last night. 

Jenna: Food?  He brought food with him, and he didn't see me?

Hunter: No, Jenna.  He took Mommy and Daddy out to eat.  Don't you remember you had a couple extra hours in the crate last night?  If you weren't in the crate, you might have found some of that food around the house you are always looking for.  You know, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues . . . maybe a bear skin rug!

Dixie: So why didn't Grandaddy come see us?

Hunter: He had some other men with him. 

Jenna: Did they have food?

Hunter: No, Jenna, they didn't have food either!  They were all here on a quick business trip.  The trip is over and they have all gone home now.

Jenna:  But I didn't get any cheese or bacon out of it!

Hunter: But you did have Daddy's doggie bag from dinner last night.  Don't you remember Mommy gave us a little extra treat in our dinner bowls tonight?  That bite of steak was thanks to Grandaddy.

Dixie: Oh.  Well, I might have to write him a thank you note.

Jenna:  Yummmmm!  Thanks Grandaddy!

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