Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day!  We have spent most of the holiday weekend alone with Daddy!  Mommy flew to North Carolina to surprise Grandma Jane for her 65th birthday (that is seriously old in dawg years).  Only Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kelly knew about the surprise.  Uncle Jeff picked Mommy up from the airport, and she stayed with his family for the first night.  Cousin Caroline was excited to see Mommy because it meant that Mommy would be able to attend her birthday party for the first time!  (Grandma and Caroline share the same birthday!)   Mommy surprised Grandma the next morning at her office.  Grandma says she has never been so stunned before and that it was the best birthday EVER!

Mommy and Uncle Jeff had quite the surprise this weekend too!  Caroline received a trampoline for her sixth birthday and everyone (except Grandma Jane with her broken foot) enjoyed it.  But the one who enjoyed it the most was Poppa!!!!!  He kept asking Caroline if he could jump and she kept telling him no.  He finally pulled off his shoes and hopped on anyway.  Mommy said she and Uncle Jeff were shocked to see Poppa jumping up and down on the trampoline.  He had quite a few moves and said he used to be able to do flips in his younger days.  He also told the story of how the coach in college gave him the nickname FISH because of his daring flops on the trampoline in gym class!  I am terribly disappointed we missed this big event.  If he is still able to walk after all of that jumping, maybe he'll do a repeat performance for us at Christmas?

In the meantime, we were home with Daddy.  I am happy to report there were no accidents or incidents in or out of the house the whole weekend!  Both parents were quite relieved.  Daddy worked nights this weekend and will probably continue to do so for the next week or two.  Wawa (THE convenience store of choice here and the whole reason we live in this neck of the woods) has decided to let Daddy's company handle a new section of the business.  This is a major project and has had Daddy hopping (without the benefit of a trampoline) for the last few months.   Daddy's new schedule actually worked out quite well while Mommy was out of town.  He was home during the day when we were awake, and he worked at night while we were sleeping. 

Last night Daddy and the rest of the teammates went live with the new operation.  Poor thing, he worked sixteen hours straight!  We were surprised last night when the door opened and it was Mommy that appeared and not Daddy.  She even took us out to play last night in the dark.  She said she had an ulterior motive, to run off some of our energy, but I know it's really because she loves us so much and missed us!  We were able to snuggle up in bed last night with her.  Jenna took one side, and I took the other.  We offered a spot on the bed to Hunter, but he just grunted and ignored us.  I think he prefers it when he has Mommy to himself.  Oh well, that's more love for me!

We hope you have a safe and carefree Labor Day!
Dixie Doodle

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