Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now I Get It . . .

This weekend marks the six month anniversary of Jenna's arrival to our house.   I think I have finally figured out why Jenna didn't make the cut for Canine Partners for Life.  Don't get me wrong, Jenna is a wonderful, beautiful, loveable dog, but she also . . .
  • licks the Windex when Mommy tries to clean the sliding door
  • eats the grape tomatoes right off the vine (green or red)
  • doesn't know her own strength and thinks she's a lap dog
  • sits under Mommy's feet while Mommy scrapbooks, waiting and hoping for a piece of paper to drop
  • eats the birdseed that is dropped on its way from its storage container to the bird feeder
  • eats the grapes growing on the grapevine in the backyard (Sensing a food theme??)
  • almost broke Mommy's nose
  • has no sense of personal space or boundaries
  • runs off with the toilet paper
  • eats the cardboard roll when all the toilet paper is gone
  • throws up the cardboard roll three days later

On the other hand, she is a good addition to our home because she is:
  • able to potty on command (unlike Dixie who takes forever)
  • a shadow to Mommy
  • a cuddle bug
  • a playmate to Dixie (since I can't keep up with either of them)
  • a distraction to Dixie which keeps Dixie from bothering me
  • smart enough to know she'd better defer to my authority as the oldest four legged member of the family
  • a sweet, loving puppy
Welcome Home, Sweet Jenna!

Love, Hunter

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