Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire Extinguisher?

This morning we wanted to surprise our parents with breakfast.  They've been so good to us lately (Daddy's been trying to make it up to Hunter after this week's "forgotten" incident).  First, we thawed out sausage and fried up sausage patties; we don't like links because they look too much like little doggies.  We then retrieved the bread, milk, and eggs from the fridge to make one of their favorites: French toast!  Yum! 

Everything was going as planned until we kind of overcooked the sausage and the pan was a bit black.  The sausage was still edible and you can trust us on that one; we have a very discerning palate.  We've seen our parents de-glaze the pan with wine before, and it looked so easy when they did it.  When we poured the wine in, the pan must have been even hotter than usual or the wine was more potent than usual because chaos ensued!  The pan went up in flames!  It was ruff work putting the flames out and not burning down the house.  It was so smoky in the house that the smoke detector went off downstairs AND upstairs! 

We don't think we've ever heard the smoke detector in this house.   Hunter says he has experience with the smoke detector from the apartment in Delaware where he lived with Mommy and Daddy while shopping for this house.  That smoke detector was quite sensitive and went off at the drop of oil into the pan! 

There was no breakfast surprise for our parents after that.  They ran around fanning the smoke detectors (our tails wouldn't reach that high) and opening windows.  It took a while to clear it all out.  We think the burn smell might still be lingering.  Either that, or our nose hairs were singed in the process!  You will probably be surprised to know that breakfast continued on smoothly after that.  The French toast still tasted yummy! 

Paws Script: No actual fire extinguishers were involved in the making of breakfast!

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