Friday, June 9, 2017

Tales from the Dawgs

Tales from the Dawgs

Dixie: Hey, Jenna, come here.  We need to talk.  Did you hear the phone call Mommy took yesterday?

Jenna: It's kind of hard for me to miss since I'm stuck here in my crate all the time.  Where else would I be? This ACL surgery has me cooped up all the time!

Dixie: What did Mommy mean when she said she and Daddy had to go pick up the new puppy this weekend?

Jenna: I have no idea.  Surely this can't be true.  They think they're ready for ANOTHER puppy???  What are they thinking?!?!?

Dixie: Who knows?  We've had three at once before, but none of us were invalids from recent surgery.  I'm not sure Mommy can handle a puppy and an invalid, no offense Sis.  And Mommy complains about the amount of dawg hair we leave behind already.  Why would she want to add more to her house cleaning workload?

Jenna: I think the new puppy's a chocolate lab.  Maybe it will take after our big brother, Hunter.  He was a chocolate and he didn't shed nearly as much as we do.  She'd better hope he's like Hunter.

Dixie: And it's a male?  I thought we girls had a good thing going.  Girls rule and boys drool, right?

Jenna: Dixie, have you seen me waiting for my food bowl?  This girl drools!

Dixie: I think Daddy might be feeling a bit overrun with estrogen in the house.  Mommy said he wanted a boy this time.  Hmpf!  What does he know?

Jenna: Don't make fun of Daddy.  He's my best buddy.

Dixie: Sure he is.  For a few more days.  Then this new puppy will arrive and you're history!

Jenna: I'll never be history.  I'm Daddy's favorite.

Dixie: You're only Daddy's favorite because he takes you hunting.  Word on the street is this new puppy will be properly trained to go hunting with him . . . it's only a matter of time before you're replaced in the field!

Jenna: Nope! Nope! Nope!  I refuse to believe it!  Besides if Daddy goes hunting with other people, the more dawgs in the field the merrier right?

Dixie: Just keep telling yourself that . . .

Jenna: And you think you're going to remain Mommy's favorite?  I know she carried you around cradled in her arms like a baby, but that's about to be history too!  This new little guy will be tiny.  He's going to get to snuggle right up in the crook of Mommy's neck and you're going to be sooooo jealous!

Jenna: All those super cute pictures of you as a puppy . . . well, move over Dixie Doodle, now there's someone new on the scene to star in his own super cute pictures!

Dixie: No!!  It's not possible to be cuter than I was a puppy!

Jenna: Just you wait . . .

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