Monday, June 5, 2017

Pup Cup for Me!

While my sister Jenna was laid up in the dawg hospital, Mommy and I had fun playing!  One of the adventures we had was visiting Starbucks!  Mommy really enjoys Starbucks, but she thinks it's a total waste of money on a daily basis.

She had heard that dawgs could be served a puppuccino, also known as a pup cup.  This sounds much fancier than it is.  The pup cup is simply a tiny cup of whipped cream.  Even if it's not as fancy as the caramel macchiatto Mommy had, it was delish!!!  And it was free!  Well, free with a purchase . . . Daddy said this is NOT really free considering Mommy's coffee was over $5!  I say, who cares since it was so yummy!  (Mommy agrees!)  Mommy would love to take Jenna there one day, but she said there's no way she could manage her coffee and two tiny cups for us too!

In the mean time, don't tell Jenna.  This is our little secret . . .

This is me waiting eagerly in the drive thru for our order.

And this is my first taste of heaven.  Can you tell I like it???

The whipped cream was a bit messy.  I splattered little bitty drops of whipped cream all over the center console.  Have no fear, I cleaned it up all by myself!

And I got every last drop of whipped cream out of that cup!

Once I was finished with my pup cup, Mommy even let me lick the swizzle stick in her coffee.  It tasted good too!

I hope Mommy and I can make another coffee run sometime soon . . . after all, Jenna won't be "running" anywhere in the near future!


PS: Happy 18th Anniversary to my parents today!

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