Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet Ruger [Sleep]

Our new brother Ruger is the sleepiest puppy.  He finds the strangest positions to settle into.  Mommy says all puppies are like this and that I was the same way.  I didn't believe her until she showed me this:

As hot natured as Ruger apparently is, he doesn't have the luxury of sleeping on air vents here.  In the house where we live now, all the air vents are in the ceiling.  That's a shame for Ruger.  He would LOVE stretching out on a vent and cooling off after a few minutes in the sun!

Ruger loves to snuggle with Mommy.  Daddy thinks they do this all day long while he's at work, but Mommy says nope.  As soon as Ruger falls asleep, she puts him in his crate and works on other things in the house (lately it's been watching old episodes of Fixer Upper).

Sometimes Mommy carries Ruger around the house with her to keep a close eye on him if he's not totally asleep yet.  He even helps her do laundry!

Ruger found this little cozy spot on his first day home.  

He also likes to sleep on feet  . . . 

Ruger doesn't snuggle in Daddy's arms that often, but he has a knack of finding where Daddy has dropped his dirty clothes and settles there.

You might notice that Giraffe is sticking pretty close to Ruger's neck . . . Mommy sometimes ties Giraffe or Leopard around Ruger's neck to keep him occupied!  She said not to worry, it's pretty loose and she's always nearby.

Ruger isn't a big fan of the summer heat right now, but he likes to sleep on the outdoor dawg beds.

We always know when Ruger is ready to come in . . . 

One of Ruger's favorite places to take a nap is where the two sofas meet with an end table in the middle.  The first time Ruger found this place, ironically Mommy couldn't find Ruger.  She ran all over the house searching for him.  Finally she heard the crinkle of the plastic bag her needlepoint is in and knew where he was.  Our parents aren't big fans of this sleeping place.  There are a LOT of cords back there for different electronics in the den.  So far, Ruger hasn't chewed on anything yet . . .

To combat the problem of Ruger squeezing behind the sofas, Daddy placed one of the throw pillows in front of the opening.  Ruger found that to be a comfy spot as well.  Mommy thinks these are some of the cutest pictures of Ruger sleeping.  And you can tell he's already slimmed down a bit since his arrival.

Ruger has taken to his crate pretty well.  He has a snuggle puppy that's about his size that has a heartbeat to mimic his dawg mommy's sounds.  Ruger loves to snuggle up in there and sleep away the day . . . and sometimes the night!

Even while he's sleeping, we're still trying to make sure Ruger knows his name!

Ssssh . . . baby sleeping!

I really don't want to wake him up because he's always nipping at my heels.  (But that's another story for another day!)


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