Monday, June 12, 2017

Shades of Summer

While Jenna was away at the dawg hospital for a few days, Mommy and I played around and had loads of FUN!  I think I like being an only child . . . temporary only child that is!  (Mommy made me write that last part.)

Temps hit 100 two days in a row while Jenna was laid up in her air conditioned suite (not that I wasn't enjoying the AC in the house), so Mommy made banana ice cubes for me.

On the days when it wasn't too hot to play outside, I got to run and fetch the ball.  Running is something my sister won't be able to do for a while.   I also chilled on my outdoor bed.

Hopefully this time will pass quickly and Jenna will be able to come out and play with me soon.  Until then, I'll just keep lapping up all this extra attention!


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