Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet Ruger [Bath Time]

Hello world!  I'm Ruger and I'm the newest member of the Dawgs Bark Family.  Today I get to tell you about me from MY point of view. I'm making great strides so far in housebreaking and sleeping through the night, apparently two skills I must have in order to be a part of this family.  I've also learned how to type so I can entertain you with tales of my adventures.  My sisters told me that was a necessary skill also!  Otherwise they're going to be the ones telling you about my adventures and you might not get the "true" story!

Mommy tells me it had to happen sooner or later.  Every dawg gets a bath upon becoming a part of the family whether he needs it or not.  Dixie and Jenna each got a bath on their arrival day.  There's something about their dander that bothers Daddy's nose sometimes.  (I don't cause Daddy's nose any such problems.)  I was able to make it three days into my new place before Mommy broke down and gave me one.  She said it wasn't that I smelled bad, I just needed a chance to smell like I belonged to the family.

Normally the new dawg bath takes place in a traditional bathtub, with Mommy bent over the side straining her back.  I'm sooooo special, I got to take a different route.  I got to take a shower with Mommy!  She stripped us both down and placed me onto the built in shower seat.  I was good until a LOT of water starting falling all over me.  I manned up and didn't cry or whine about it, but I wasn't exactly thrilled.

Eventually Mommy soaped me up while I sat on the shower seat.  When it came time to rinse me, she picked me up and held me at all kinds of weird angles.  Mommy recalls Daddy doing this to Dixie once when she was a puppy.  She said it was very similar to the diaper changing scene in Three Men and a Baby.  Do you remember that movie?  I certainly don't.  It was waaaaaaay before my time!

I looked like a drowned rat after the experience.  Mommy dried me off and wrapped me in a towel. 

This experience wore me out; I promptly fell asleep!

But I smelled great!

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