Friday, June 16, 2017

Meet Ruger

As we suspected, the rumor was true.  [sigh]  We have a new family member.  Meet our new baby brother, Ruger!  We really aren't quite sure what to think of him yet.  All we can say for sure is that he's without a doubt the cutest puppy known to man or woman, present company excluded of course!

Mommy and Daddy had read all kinds of articles about how to choose the best puppy from the litter.  They knew they wanted a boy and it didn't take long for Ruger to set himself apart from the litter.  He was adventurous, curious, and inquisitive.  And LABRADORABLE!

Upon his arrival here at the house, we surprised our parents with our regard for Ruger.  Mommy expected Dixie to be the most aggressive since she tends to be skeptical of strange dawgs on our morning walks.  Instead, Dixie was cool as a cucumber and almost ignored the poor little guy.  Jenna was expected to be more accepting of this new presence in our lives.  Instead, she's been more hesitant to accept Ruger.  We think it's because she's still cooped up in her crate and can't run and play with him.  (She does have her stitches out now thankfully, but is still in solitary confinement for several more WEEKS!!)

We have the feeling Ruger's going to be taking over the blog as soon as he figures out how to type.  Did you notice how big his paws are?!?!  Typing could be difficult for a while.  What he really needs to learn is how to sleep through the night so the rest of us can get our beauty sleep (except Daddy who's already pretty handsome and can sleep through quite a bit; apparently Ruger is no exception!).

We leave you with what we think is the best picture of our new brother so far . . . at least it's Mommy's favorite.  Despite the mud on his nose.  Or perhaps because of it!

Adjusting to new big sister status,  [sigh]
Dixie and Jenna

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