Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Little Brother [Dixie]

Ruger . . . what can I say . . . he's here, he's little, he's cute, but boy can he be a PAIN sometimes!!!  I guess that's what little brothers are for, right???  Mommy agrees with me and she should know!  Uncle J was a pain to Mommy quite often over the years, but they are great buddies now and talk on the phone frequently since they can't see each other more often.  I guess Ruger will be my buddy one day.

I surprised my parents by being the first to welcome Ruger with open paws!  I tend to be a bit aggressive to strange dawgs.  (I know, I know, hard to believe considering my super sweet innocent looking face, but true!)  I was the more gentle of the two of us when he first appeared on the scene.  Jenna was not nearly as thrilled by the presence of Ruger, but we're chalking it up to her discomfort at being in solitary confinement in her crate with her ACL.

Here's a picture of my first meeting with Ruger:

Mommy says she feels like we've come 360 degrees with this picture.  Here are two of her favorite pictures with my big brother Hunter when I was new on the scene.

It actually only took about two days before I REALLY warmed up to Ruger.  Mommy is still in total shock at how well I've adjusted.  I was holding a tennis ball in my mouth and just decided to roll over and lie down at Ruger's feet.  He graciously took me up on my offer and we started to PLAY!  Ruger loves to jump all over me as well as nip at my ears, paws, face, and throat.  Daddy says it's kind of scary the way Ruger goes for the throat all the time!  He calls Ruger "Killer" sometimes when we're playing.

Our parents have started using me as a babysitter in the evenings.  When it cools down we go outside and play for a good hour each night to try to wear Ruger out.  It seems to be working.  Ever since Ruger and I started playing together, Ruger has slept through the night!  (You're welcome, Mommy!)

The only problem with this play time is that Ruger doesn't understand that I don't always want to play.  Sometimes I'm trying to catch up on my beauty sleep and I'm rudely interrupted by the little whipper snapper literally snapping at me!  I bare my fangs at those times.

Despite how well we're getting along, I did manage to get in trouble a week or so ago.  I was eating my food and minding my own business when suddenly Ruger tried to hone in on my bowl!  I let him know right quick that was NOT allowed!  Ruger ran crying to Mommy and I got in trouble.  Mommy did take some of the blame since she had turned her back on us for a minute while trying to feed Jenna.  But I really got in trouble about twenty minutes later when we were all outside and Ruger looked up at Mommy with those puppy dawg eyes . . . and those, combined with the blood on his upper lip, told the full story!  Apparently I got closer than we realized.  Mommy was NOT happy with me.  I'm not sure if Ruger learned a lesson from this incident or not.  Our feeding routine was changed after that to make sure all three of us were eating in our crates.  Thanks, Daddy!  Hmpf!  (Hopefully that tiny little mark won't leave a scar!)

All in all, Ruger and I are getting along really well.  I fear it's only a matter of time before his sharp teeth draw blood on me . . .

Big Sister Extraordinaire,

PS: The countdown has begun . . . Jenna will be released one month from today!

Paws for another PS: Happy eighth birthday to Cousin K tomorrow and happy fifth birthday to Cousin A on Monday!

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