Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Look what the wind rolled in!  Within the span of two weeks, two balls have appeared in our yard.  You'd think the neighborhood children would have learned when their soccer ball disappeared, but apparently not!  This time it was a KICKBALL that rolled in! (With a Halloween theme?!?!?)

Mommy thought we'd be very excited at the prospect of another ball until Jenna put her teeth on it . . . instantly, Mommy realized her mistake. Unlike the soccer ball, the kickball has no inner parts that help it keep its shape.  There's only air in there!

One bite and it was toast!  I didn't mind.  Jenna had her ball and now I had mine!

Along with my tennis ball of course! (Can you spot it?)

Shortly after this picture was taken, one of us began to really try to tear the ball apart.  I won't name names to protect the guilty.  Once the ball was in more than one piece it found its way into the trash can . . .

Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted!

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