Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hating Bermuda

As we experience the seasons here in our new location, Mommy has learned a LOT.  First, she's learned we secretly desire to be yellow labs and second, she's learned that she HATES Bermuda grass!

When you think of the word Bermuda, I bet you have an image similar to this in your head:

There is NOTHING about this image that looks like where we live!  For reasons unbeknownst to Mommy, the variety of grass in our yard is called Bermuda.  It's nice and green in the summer, but goes entirely dormant in the winter.  We're not used to this drastic change in scenery.  Here's our previous yard in January:

Yep, still green.  Not as green as it was in the summer, but still a touch of green!  Here's our current yard in January:  SUPER UGLY BROWN!!!!

And do you notice those tiny pieces of grass (Mommy calls it straw) on my hiney????  Happens all the time!  Recently Mommy recorded our escapades in the Bermuda Triangle (aka: our backyard) by watching us from the window.  First, she saw me rolling in the grass . . .

Then, she noticed my sister Jenna coming over to inspect me.  Jenna was probably wondering how a yellow lab got into the backyard unnoticed.

All that sniffing started one of our favorite games: Chase Your Sister!

Before Mommy could stop her, Jenna had decided to take a roll in the hay too!

A tiny bit of the grass will shake off, but definitely not all of it!

 "Is this better?  I've shaken off as much as I can . . ."

Poor Mommy!  This grass is driving her NUTS!  She has tried smoothing this yellow stuff off with her hands, brushing it off, even waiting for us to shake it off, but the only trick that works is a wet paper towel:

Mommy is crossing her fingers the green returns soon.  I doubt it will be long.  Our record setting February temps are causing the few weeping willows that exist to bud out already and the daffodils are about to bloom as well!  As much as Mommy usually loves winter, she's ready for spring!

Reporting from the Bermuda Triangle,

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