Sunday, March 26, 2017

My New Security Blanket

Just a short while back I told you how I loved to carry Leopard and Giraffe everywhere I went.  Don't worry Grandma, I'm sure I'll eventually play with them again.  In fact, they still find their way out of the toy box every now and then.  But they aren't attached to my teeth every waking moment.  I have a new "security blanket" that goes with me everywhere.  Even to bed!

Yep!  It's my soccer ball!  I LOVE IT!!!  Daddy calls it Wilson after the soccer ball that starred in Tom Hanks's movie Cast Away.  I'm not sure why.  My ball should clearly be called Adidas!

Mommy isn't too thrilled about the ball coming to bed with me (not to mention a few other toys as well).  She tolerates the ball for a little while if she's reading, but eventually she tries to quietly put it on the floor.  I'm wise to her ways and I usually hop down onto the floor immediately to retrieve it.  After all, I'm not called a Labrador Retriever for nothing!

Here's to Sweet Dreams!

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