Sunday, February 26, 2017


If you aren't doing so already, you can follow us on Instagram!  You don't even have to have an account.  You can just creep around on the site and check out all kinds of pictures!  No need to feel weird about doing so.  Mommy used to do that all the time before she opened an account for us.

We post almost daily and have some pretty funny pictures out there.  We have a link on the actual blog site, but a lot of you receive our posts through email and never make it to the website.  We thought we'd show you what you're missing out on  . . .

One of our biggest hits:    #flossingwithfeathers   #gonehunting

We were jealous of the recent snow some of our instabuddies received.  
This was as close as we could come!  #wewantsnow  #luckydawgs

Sometimes we don't even appear in the pics.  This is Jenna's leopard trying to escape the Jaws of Life.

Sisterhood in black and white    #sisters

We've had lots of warm days this winter and we've taken advantage of those by playing outside.
#summerinjanuary    #ballhog    #blueskies

Dixie stole Jenna's bone.
#slydawg    #notachance    #dareya

Not even Mommy was allowed to take the bone.

Jenna tried to steal Mommy's spot on the love seat.

In her free time, Mommy's been watching Downton Abbey.  She LOVES it!  
If you haven't watched it, Jenna and Mommy both highly recommend it!

Mommy says if we were boys, we'd be living up to a stereotype.
#livingthedream   #firedogintraining

We hope you've enjoyed a few of our Instagram moments.  Feel free to hop on over and join us there for more fun and excitement (and moments of stupidity too!).

Dixie and Jenna

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