Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Still Feeling the Love

How did you spend Valentine's Day?  This seems to be one of those holidays that sends people to extremes: you either LOVE IT or HATE IT!  Since we aren't people, we're all for it!  It's a chance for Mommy to treat us to special edible treats.  Mommy decorated a bit more than usual this year since we had company visit right before this holiday.

She bought a new garden flag to greet anyone at the door.

She also used her heart shaped mug almost daily.  Daddy picked up the K-cups from Krispy Kreme.  Did you know you receive a free original glazed doughnut with any coffee purchase at Krispy Kreme during the month of February?  It's not too late to take advantage of this . . . RUN, don't walk!

Don't forget that FREE original glazed doughnut . . . go as soon as you finish reading this!

She purchased red, white, and pink M&M's for anyone to snack on . . . anyone but Jenna!  Somehow Jenna noticed those little additions.  If you start to wonder where she is, just look near the candy dish!


Our parents also went out to eat for the big day.  They tried out a "new to them" restaurant.  Unfortunately, the restaurant didn't live up to the hype for Mommy.  This lobster bisque looks better than it tasted.  

Dessert for Mommy was a red velvet lava cake.  With the word "lava," Mommy expected chocolate inside.  Wouldn't you?  It was good, but chocolate wasn't involved.  Drat!

Daddy had the cheesecake that was flavored with pecans.  It was just so-so . . .

Thank goodness strawberries make that cute little heart shape or Mommy would have been totally let down by the meal!  And lucky for us, she made a trip to the barkery so we were able to indulge in dessert too!  We had red velvet pupcakes!  Unlike Mommy's dessert, ours delivered as promised!

We hope you had a great Valentine's Day!  Wags and Kisses,
Dixie and Jenna

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