Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trip to the Vet: Lame or Lyme?

Recently I had to take a trip to the vet.  I LOVE going for a ride.  Not so crazy about the destination.  Neither is Mommy.  Mommy still isn't one hundred percent sold on our vet office.  She chose the office based on online reviews, its close proximity to our house, and its hours (open seven days a week and open til 10PM!!!!).  You can't beat those hours if an emergency should arise.  That being said, Jenna and I have seen a different doctor every time we've been and therefore aren't bonding with any of them!  [sigh]

My most recent trip to the vet was a bit alarming for Mommy.  On New Year's Day, I started limping and really favoring one of my front paws.  She and Daddy tried their best to see if I had a sticker stuck between my pads, but couldn't find anything.  They also wondered if I'd been bitten by a spider since my lameness disappeared the next day!

Two weeks later, it happened again.  Mommy recalled our previous vet testing Jenna for Lyme disease once when she was limping.  Panic set in for Mommy.  I started feeling better and not favoring my foot as much as I had been.  Naturally, Mommy thought!  She says she never takes dawgs to the vet that actually act like they are hurt or sick.  We always make major improvements when threatened with a trip to the vet.  Even when Hunter tore his ACL (TWICE).  The one and only exception was Jenna's gastrointestinal problem back in the fall.

(Is it just me, or does it look like Mommy has one too many fingers at first glance??)

The vet probably thought Mommy was crazy for suggesting Lyme disease since it RARELY occurs in the area in which we currently live.  But once she learned I'd only been here six months and that I'd lived my entire life in an area of our country where Lyme disease is VERY prevalent, she changed her tune!  After all, intermittent lameness was a symptom.  Mommy has NEVER seen a tick on me or my siblings, but that doesn't mean anything.  I was immediately tested and we were told the results would take about twelve minutes.  Cue the Jeopardy music . . .

Here's the problem with our vet office.  That test probably did take only twelve minutes.  But it's sooooo busy there, actually learning the results takes about an HOUR!!!  Can you still hear that Jeopardy music going in the background?

Mommy did her best to entertain me.  She rubbed my bottom (a favorite rubbing spot).

She rubbed my belly.

She rubbed me behind the ears.

I finally just passed out on her feet.  (Not literally, but I was keeping her warm.)

The test results were negative.  WHEW!  The doctor decided I had tweaked the ligaments in my front paw somehow and gave me a round of meds to take care of the inflammation.  I'm doing much better (but then I was already doing better by the time we arrived at the vet!).

Now I just have to put up with Jenna's lame jokes!

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