Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sizzlin Summer

We aren't used to having such HOT weather all the time, and this summer has been a scorcher for us.  It's also been a scorcher for the grass.  We're used to having nice, beautiful, lush, green grass.  Not any more.  Mommy REALLY misses her yard from the previous house.  We do too.  We're trying to make the best of what little yard we have here, but it's ruff. 

Some days Mommy will turn on the sprinkler before we leave on our morning walk.  We don't mean an actual built-in sprinkler system.  We mean the entire process where Mommy has to drag out the hose, put the sprinkler in just the right location, and then adjust it so the yard receives maximum water coverage without wasting too much water.  We're on city water here, so it's important we aren't watering the street.  Talk about money down the drain!

When we return from our walk, we enjoy cooling off in the sprinkler.  It's so much fun trying to catch the water in our mouths!  WE LOVE IT!!!

That's Dixie (aka Jaws of Life) going NUTS with the water!

It's tough getting Dixie to back away from the sprinkler to give me a chance.

 Mommy took this cool photo of Dixie as Dix tried to decide if she should go for it one more time . . .

Once the sprinkler is turned off, we do our part to dry off!

And then it's time to relax.
(Mommy took this pic of me which unfortunately puts my facial highlights in the spotlight!  
I look like an old woman here.  NOT cool Mommy.  Not cool.)

Hopefully you're lucky enough to have green grass.  If not, we hope you're lucky enough to have fun in the sprinkler!


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