Saturday, August 6, 2016

Canine Travel Companions

Since we're on the subject of hoping to make the next trip with our parents, we thought we'd share a few more pics from our super long road trip last month.  Mommy and Daddy finally have the desktop computer up and running and access to ALL of their pictures (Can you hear Daddy jumping for joy from your location??).  That meant Mommy found a few more from our night at the hotel that were on her real camera.  Some were taken quickly and aren't that great, but they still show we can be trusted on a trip!

This is me, helping Mommy get ready for bed.

This is Jenna.  I think she's eyeing up the toothpaste as a possible food source.  
Either that or the soap.

I'm waiting quietly for Daddy to return from the vending machine.

There's nothing like feeling at home when you are far, far away.  Good thing this place has toilets too!

And a bath tub . . . although I really don't think I need one tonight.

We really, really hope to go on the next trip.  Mommy says there really, really isn't a "next" trip planned just yet . . . sure there isn't . . .

Crossing my paws,

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