Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dawg Daze

How HOT as it been at your house this summer?  A good portion of the country has had fairly high temps this season.  We are in the dawg days of summer now and it's been boiling here all summer long.  Mommy doesn't even check the forecast anymore since she knows the highs are going to be somewhere between 96 and 103!  This is such a change from our previous location where we enjoyed summers in the mid 80s most of the time.  [sigh]  And once you reach a hundred, does it really matter how much higher the temp climbs??

We've also had very little rain this summer compared to what we're used to.  The sky will turn a dark gray, we can even have thunder and lightning, and it still won't rain!  Very frustrating!

Most days it's very sunny and HOT as hades!  We tend to go outside for short periods of time.  That heat can really wear a girl out!

We usually stay outside until we are HOT (easy to do with our black fur coats), and then we come inside and collapse on the cool tile floor! 

 Sometimes we share a bed . . .

. . . and other times, we each take a bed.  Mommy was kind enough to move one of the beds into the shade of the patio.  Whew!

We hope you've stayed cool this summer.
Dixie and Jenna

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