Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for some football???  We are VERY ready for the football season at our house.  For Daddy, this means Saturdays screaming at the television if things don't go as planned.  For Mommy, this means not only football, but cooler temps (doubtful in our new location, but a girl can hope), sweater weather (see last set of parentheses), and her favorite colors of red, brown, and orange (don't tell Daddy about that last one).

We've been gearing up for this weekend's opening day of college football season for a while.  We've even been to football camp!  We are fully prepared to help out our Georgia Dawgs should they need us.

We even posed for our team photos.

Crossing our paws for a great season!


Put me in coach,

PS: Happy Birthday to both Grandma and Cousin C!  We hope you enjoy your day with each other (as well as work and school too. Ick!)

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