Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Birdseed Anyone?

Jenna has renewed one of her passions since we've been in our new home.  She loved to watch Mommy replenish the birdseed for the feeder at our old house.  Why you might ask?  Because she LOVES to eat the birdseed!!!  (I've told you plenty of times how weird she is.)  At the old house she generally stuck to the seeds on the deck and rarely went around to the ground below the feeder to see what goodies were waiting on her there.

Here at this house, we don't have a deck.  Instead we have a patio.  One of the first things Daddy purchased when he was living here by himself (and we were stuck far, far away so Mommy could finish up the school year) was a bird feeder.  We all love bird watching.  I would venture to say Jenna and I love watching the birds more than our parents.  Well, we watch them for different reasons.  Jenna and I see them as a potential food source (remote, but still possible) and at the very least a source of immense pleasure to chase and torture.  Our parents like to spot new species and identify them in their National Audubon Society bird book.  (Just call them Bird Nerds.)

When the bird feeder is full, it looks like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds:

Seriously, there are doves and sparrows of all types everywhere!  We must have the only feeder within a hundred mile radius.

Jenna loves it when Mommy or Daddy refills the feeder.  She watches the process with an eagle eye.  (Didn't Daddy do a great job picking out a terrific looking feeder?)

It's inevitable that a few seeds fall to the ground during this process.  That's when Jenna goes to work!  She is great at cleaning up.

As quickly as possible, the bird feeder goes back up to await the birds.

Jenna then proceeds to pretend she's a Hoover and starts sucking up whatever seeds and hulls hit the ground below.  She loves to ring the bell to go out in order to eat the seeds.

Fortunately for me, Jenna's love of bird seed recently showed her guilt.  On the second morning we were in the new house, Mommy was walking by one of the guest rooms and noticed something that did NOT make her happy!  Remember our belongings hadn't arrived yet and so there was supposed to be nothing in the guest rooms.  Mommy saw that one of us had decided to make not one, but TWO of the guest rooms our new potty!  Upon further inspection during the clean up process, it was a no brainer (more like bird brainer) as to which of us was to blame.  Mommy and Jenna had a very long heart to heart during the clean up.  We aren't sure if Jenna rang the bell and Mommy slept right through it or if Jenna was protesting our new location.  Either way, at least I didn't have to take the blame!

Thankfully, there have been no other accidents since then.  Hopefully Jenna learned her lesson: if you're going to eat bird seed, don't be a bird brain!


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