Friday, August 12, 2016

Duck, Duck, JENNA!

We have a small park near our house that we walk by every morning.  We've been hoping to take a swim in the pond and Mommy finally allowed us to do so.  We call this body of water a POND.  The locals call it a playa lake.  NOTHING about the size of this says LAKE to us.  It's way too small by our definition.  Wouldn't you agree?

Our vocabulary is really expanding in our new home.  The word playa is Spanish for beach.  These playa lakes collect run off water and sometimes dry up in the drier months leaving the playa below.  But we still think we should call this a playa POND instead!  And who thinks this looks anything like a beach?  Not us!

Mommy chose a morning when there weren't many other people around and when she had time to give us a bath afterwards.  We had a GREAT time!

Jenna thought she could WALK across the entire pond.  She wanted to go far out into the pond, but she'd turn right around when she realized she was sinking.  She wasn't crazy about swimming too far.  Mommy said she'd be sure to take a few floating toys next time to encourage Jenna to swim out farther.  I had fun with Jenna in the water, but I also preferred to watch from the safety of the shore.

Jenna played and played.  She'd run out into the water, swim back, chase me around the grass like a mad woman, and then do it all over again!

Until she saw the DUCKS . . .

There are usually several ducks on the pond in the mornings.  Mommy tried to choose a spot where we wouldn't see them, but they heard us and started moving around.  Jenna tried to walk out as far as she could to "get" them, but of course she could only walk so deep.  She then decided to use her deductive reasoning skills and run around the entire pond to get closer to them!  That was awfully smart of her, but the ducks were smarter.  They realized if they stayed in the middle of the pond Jenna could only "walk" out so far!

Usually Jenna listens really well to commands, but she was very distracted by the DUCKS!  She was in BIG trouble when Mommy got a hold of her!

I hope she had fun!  Actually, we both had fun.   The real question is, was it worth what we had to go through upon our return? 

Neither of us is a big fan of BATHS!

I guess all good things must come to an end . . .  [sigh]

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