Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Feeling Frozen?

While Mommy's family was here, Mommy and Cousin C built a gingerbread house.  Technically, the term gingerbread is a bit misleading.  There isn't actually any ginger, bread, or even gingerbread anywhere in sight!  A few years back, Mimi bought Mommy a kit that snaps together in about ten seconds!  Mommy LOVES it because it takes the hardest part out of building the gingerbread house.  Years ago when she was first married, it took a bit of Daddy's ingenuity to actually get the house to stand upright!  There are no worries about the house falling down now.

Two years ago, Mommy and Cousin C made a Valentine house together:

This year, they decided to go with a Frozen theme.  They had a lot of fun decorating the house and we had a lot of fun watching!  If I stretched hard enough, my tongue could just reach the edge of the house throughout the process.  The icing was quite yummy!  I also liked it when a piece of Shredded Wheat hit the carpet instead of making its way to the roof.

Cousin A didn't help, but he liked to come by and supervise the progress from time to time.

Dixie didn't make herself as much of a nuisance, I mean helper, as I did, but but she did hang out underneath the table.

The finished product was pretty cute!

Mommy is hoping this year's theme will help inspire a bit (more like a TON) of snow to start falling from the sky SOON!!!  It's never too early in the new year for a snow day!

Not quite so frozen,

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