Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dixie Pot Pie

Do you like chicken pot pie?  Mimi has a fabulous recipe Mommy likes to make despite her wheat and dairy allergies.  Recently Mommy made this dish for Grandma and Papa when they were here visiting for the holidays.  When the meal was over, there was a bit of the crust left along the top of the ramekin dishes.  What's a Daddy to do to help Mommy with the dishes . . . naturally give those dishes to us!

I kept my dish on the rug in the kitchen, but Dixie took hers to the carpet.  She was afraid I would hone in on her territory (she was probably right!).  She locked her jaws on the ramekin and took off!  We were all a bit surprised.  That sounds more like a move I'd make, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.  And you know what means, don't you?  Mommy whipped out her cell phone and started snapping pictures!  (Please excuse the poor picture quality.)

We really helped Mommy that night with clean up duty.  I personally can't wait until the next time chicken pot pies are made.

Dishwasher Extraordinaire

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