Saturday, January 9, 2016

Catching Zzzzs and Labradors???

When Mommy's entire family comes for a visit, we tend to switch our sleeping positions up a bit to make it easier on the guests.  Personally I believe if my parents would just add one more bedroom onto the back of the house life would be easier, but they haven't even thought about that yet!  Maybe one day, they'll ask for my opinion.

This year Mommy took the smaller of the two guest rooms which has one twin bed.  We refer to this room as the chocolate room because of the wall color.  How could Jenna NOT like that room???  It's named after a food and a delicious food at that!

In preparation for the visitors, Mommy ordered a new set of flannel sheets for the twin bed in case one of the human children wanted to sleep there.  The new sheets have LABS on them!  Lucky for her, she was the one who was blessed to enjoy those new sheets.  She loved them and so did Jenna!

I chose to sleep downstairs in my crate to be near Daddy (who was on the sofa so he could get up early to go hunting), and Jenna chose to sleep with Mommy.  The sleeping arrangements were almost like an out of body experience.  I became Daddy's Girl and Jenna became Mommy's Girl.  Weird!  Mommy said Jenna snuggled right up to her and sometimes used Mommy's pillow.

Jenna told me she really enjoyed her nights with Mommy on the twin bed.  She was able to dream about running and playing and treats all night long.  I wonder what Mommy dreamed of?  Perhaps it was a white Christmas since we were so far from experiencing snow at that time it wasn't even funny!

We hope you had a restful holiday season too.

PS: Our human Cousin A informed Mommy that he wasn't here to "visit."  He was here to spend the night!  Apparently visiting means you come and then go!  Don't you feel well informed now that we've straightened that out! ;)

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