Monday, January 25, 2016


We're having a SNOW DAY with Mommy!!!!  YES!  YES!  YES!  You know how she loves snow days!  Snowstorm Jonas whipped through here Friday night and ALL day Saturday and brought us TWENTY inches of the white fluffy stuff.  That's a whole lotta snow at once! We aren't going to write too much, but we'd like to share a few (actually a LOT) of our favorite pics from our latest frozen adventure.  Enjoy!

What is this you may ask?  A weird shaped tennis ball?  No, this is a first for Mommy . . . it's a pee ball!  Yes, you read that correctly.  We went outside to potty and then later the high winds took away the snow around the spot leaving this behind!  Mommy said she hasn't seen this even in Minnesota, and she saw Hunter's poop fly through the air when the snow blower hit it!

Probably breaking the flag code, but still beautiful.

Jenna was all about the Frisbee, and Dixie was all about the tennis ball (as usual)!

Mommy was all about trying to capture the perfect selfie with us . . . to no avail!

Jenna tried, but no one can do the selfie like Hunter could.

Dixie didn't exactly "try."

Mommy tried to entice Dixie with a tennis ball . . . 

Dixie spent a LOT of time looking for tennis balls in the snow!

One of the best looks of the day!

Let's get SNOW FACED!

See!  I TOLD you there was a ball under there!

Better selfies on day two with Jenna . . . she definitely puts forth more effort than Dixie!

Jenna ran ALL THE WAY to the street in DEEP snow to greet the neighbors walking.  They cheered her on the whole way.  She was exhausted when she got back!

Help is on the way . . . no, not Mommy . . . can you spot it???

A good Samaritan helped with the driveway.  Look out Mommy.  Daddy is going to want one of these for Christmas.  Good thing you have about a year to save up!

Do we have to go inside?  Can't we stay outside and play?


Snow much fun, but snow exhausting!

Dixie and Jenna

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