Friday, January 30, 2015

The Blizzard that Wasn't

Have you ever really had your heart set on something only to be disappointed?  Well, that happened to Mommy this week.  Supposedly the blizzard of the century was on its way . . . and it was bad in some parts of the country, but not here.    [sigh]      [sigh]     [bigger sigh]
Yes, we are thankful we have power, and aren't stranded, and aren't freezing, but a nice BIG snow could be fun!  Mommy was hoping she'd miss at least three days of school.  She did manage to have one day off, so she can't be too upset, but consecutive days off are always a plus in her book.  Daddy wasn't disappointed in the least.  Snow makes his job much more difficult and dangerous for co-workers.  He was happy with the total snowfall of . . . are you ready for this . . . ONE INCH!!!!!!!!

Daddy must think all we do on snow days is lie around eating bon-bons and reading glamour magazines, but he'd be wrong.  When he hit the road, this is what Mommy was doing:

She was grading papers!  And we each helped!   Hunter stared Mommy down until she explained to him that he could NOT eat the papers.  It wouldn't be good for her to have to tell the students they don't have a grade because her dawg ate their homework!

Dixie sniffed the papers for a while and I just watched.  I was hoping I might learn about a good book to read since Mommy was grading book reports.  Some looked interesting and some didn't.  I'm talking about the books and the reports written about them!

When Mommy finished with the papers, we had breakfast and then cleaned house.  No vacation for us!  That's why we need consecutive days.  A snow day to work and a snow day to play!

Better luck next time . . . crossing my paws!

PS: My parents started dating nineteen years ago today!  Daddy says the anniversary is nineteen years tomorrow, but give it up Daddy.  You know have to trust the female on this one!

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