Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Put a Cork On It!

Recently Daddy needed a door prize for the local Ducks Unlimited banquet.  He asked Mommy to make a wreath using some of the many wine corks they have collected over the years.  She was happy to help him out and so was I!

Mommy kept a close eye on me.  I guess I can't blame her.  Once when Dixie was younger, Mommy had allowed Dixie to stay out of her crate for the day.  Upon Mommy's return, she discovered little bits of cork all over the house.  Dixie had decided to stand on the sofa and help herself to the corks Mommy kept in a glass hurricane on the end table.  I guess Dixie thought they looked yummy.  I'll admit, they DO!  But I wasn't allowed to taste them.  Drat!   That hurricane has had a new home in the house since Dixie's taste testing adventure.

This isn't the first wreath Mommy has made to help Daddy.  Last spring she made a shotgun shell wreath.  It takes a special person to appreciate these wreaths.  It's a good thing I'm that person . . . er, dawg!  Mommy made her first shotgun shell wreath over a decade ago.  It's been hanging in our garage ever since.  I really prefer the empty shells over the wine corks.  The many smells attached to the shells are simply divine!

Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to win the cork wreath?  Or maybe I'll win and can use it as a new chew toy?  Hmmm . . .

PS: Since we're on the subject of wine, we should make a toast to Aunt Kelly who is celebrating her birthday today!

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