Monday, November 17, 2014

More Bad Habits

Since my brother is ratting me and my bad habits out, I will do the same for him!  Isn't that what little sisters are for???

Apparently Hunter thinks being the oldest child in our house comes with privileges.  Being oldest children themselves, Mommy and Daddy tend to agree with Hunter.  That lucky dawg gets to sleep upstairs while Dixie and I are forced to sleep in our crates at night.  The fact that we like sleeping in our crates isn't important; we'd like the option to choose!

Hunter must think that being first to drink when we're hot and thirsty is another privilege that should be granted to him.  As Dixie and I jostle for position at the water bowl or water hose, Hunter stands back to watch.  He waits as long as he can for his turn (about ten seconds) and when he grows impatient, he begins to bark at us.  He continues to bark until we move out of his way.  Never mind the fact that he is large enough to push us away.  Nope.  He just stands and barks.  [sigh]  It's very annoying.

Maybe Mommy should put out another water bowl for us . . . nah, he'd just bark more!  We don't call him the Barkalounger for nothing!

Pesky Little Sister,

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