Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bad Habits

We all know bad habits are hard to break.  Unfortunately, they are very easy to learn.  Jenna has picked up two of Dixie's bad habits and it's about to drive Mommy crazy.

Usually Jenna only rings the bell to go outside in dire circumstances.  Mommy and Daddy know when they hear a slight jingle (instead of Dixie's crash of the bells) that Jenna is waiting for them and she means business!  Jenna rarely has to ring the bell because Dixie rings it so often; chances are Jenna will need to go at one of those times.  This was all true until recently.  Jenna has started ringing the bell to go outside even when she doesn't really need to potty. We're not sure why Jenna feels the need to sound a false alarm.  She must see Dixie receive attention and crave some for herself.

Jenna has also started barking for Mommy to throw a toy.  Since Dixie was a puppy, she has barked nonstop when she wants attention.  Mommy tried every training trick she could think of or read about to stop this annoying habit and it never did any good.  Dixie loves to have attention.  She grows very impatient when she is waiting for Mommy to throw the ball.  (The fact that Dixie is standing over the ball and Mommy can't grab it even with the Chuck It means nothing!)  While Mommy is trying to coax the ball away from Dixie's mouth, Jenna usually waits patiently until it's her turn.  Not any more.  Lately she has learned a bark might help her receive faster attention.

Mommy is NOT pleased with these turn of events.  Lucky for Mommy, ignoring Jenna is more effective than it was for Dixie!  Our kind Daddy reminded Mommy that most dawg training is more about training the owner than the actual dawg . . .

Here's to breaking these bad habits soon!

PS: How do you like that bandanna covered in bones?  We all have one and the white bones GLOW in the dark!!

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