Friday, November 21, 2014

TP Snob

Mommy discovered something strange abut my sister Jenna recently: Jenna is a toilet paper snob!  As a human, you probably have a certain brand you prefer to use and that is perfectly normal (I assume).  If you're not the shopper in your house, then you might not know what that brand is, but the person doing the buying certainly does.

At our house, the chosen brand is Angel Soft.  Perhaps because our house is full of angels?  I'm not really sure why Mommy buys this particular brand.  She probably doesn't even know herself.  All she really cares about is that she isn't buying the kind Grandma does.  No offense Grandma, but that stuff is ruff!  We like our paper a bit more cushy!

A few weeks ago, Mommy had to take Jenna to the vet for a vaccine.  While they were there, Mommy needed to use the restroom and so of course, Jenna had to go along with her.  As you already know, Jenna LOVES to eat toilet paper.  Oddly enough she doesn't eat it when our parents aren't here.  She only eats it when they are in the bathroom!  I think she just loves the attention!  Mommy, being the kind person she is (and the one waiting for a dawg's intestines to be impacted), offered Jenna a couple squares of the toilet paper the vet had on the roll.  Jenna grabbed it and promptly spit it out!  She refused to eat it!  Mommy tried to entice Jenna to at least clean up the floor, but Jenna refused.

Apparently Jenna is a toilet paper snob!  Very strange!  She usually isn't picky about anything.  She will eat anything, lie down anywhere, and play with any toy.  I don't know what brand the vet uses, but it must not be up to Jenna's standards!   I guess it tasted "tearable!"  (Kind of like that joke, huh?)

This just goes to prove that my sister is indeed strange!

PS:  Grandma, I hope you don't feel too paranoid about your paper choice!

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